Suicide Note by Imperator

Suicide Note by Imperator album cover

“What you did was give me the feeling that I felt when I first heard Ice Cube and Jay Z. The story kept me engaged and I don’t comment often on rappers. I personally think you have what they call the “X Factor”. – Amayahj 

“Suicide Note” is a conceptual rap album that depicts a man contemplating suicide because of his disappointment in society, race, family, and himself. It has a touch of R&B, old soul samples, and convincing Hip Pop sounding tracks. The  album was recorded at “In Good Hands Recording” a first class recording studio where the likes of Steely Dan (who recorded their “Aja” album there) and others like Frank Zappa, James Taylor and Jackson Brown were regular guests. 

“One of few rappers that bleed emotion on their tracks, I can feel who you are through your music.” – Mero 

Imp questions some religious beliefs with lines like “Wasn’t it you who wrote the script for the life that I lived, and the pipe that I laid, and the white that I hid”. He also adds controversial humor with songs like the Eminem’ish “A Million Ways 2 Die”, and even pop a shot off at your favorite rappers with lines like “They simple as a blues clue, my fans are intellectual, I’m not a fake thug, pothead or homosexual”.  Note: Imp won one round out of two in a rap battle with “Eminem” in the 1997 Rap Olympics. 

The album producers include Anno Dominni, Creepy Fingers, Brooks Luke, and Gemini who has to his credit several top 40 billboard placements. 

The album “Suicide Note” is necessary in today’s musical climate of monkey see monkey do. It’s relevant because suicide and lack of intervention seems to be at an all time high in society and among celebrities like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and “Soul Train’s” Don Cornelius. This album brings back heart felt lyrics, a message in the music, and thinking outside out the box.


DISCLAIMER: The "SUICIDE NOTE" album subject matter could be disturbing in nature for some listeners. Parental discretion is advised. It is also not intended to offend anyone. Nor do we promote or encourage suicide. We hope this album will raise suicide awareness and can be an advocate for suicide prevention. 

If you're thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support. Help is available -Speak with a counselor today by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255


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