What happened to the film "The Groupie".

The Groupie image from the film

"The Groupie" written and directed by Steven Laws is a film about a family getting revenge for a rape and horrible accident caused by a music executive and his assistant. It's also about a few rappers getting caught up chasing a chick they thought was a groupie. 

We started shooting this film in late 2017 and everything was going great until it wasn't. We shot about 85% of the movie and then one of the actors thought she'd make a better director for the film then I. Another actress decided she just didn't want to be in the film anymore. I begged and pleaded with them to no avail as did other cast members who wanted to complete the film. 

Prior to shooting the film I had research different type of film directors and I took the open film director approach. Which means I was open to suggestions from the cast and crew. Some people say this is where I went wrong because its empowered people and that power went to their heads. I also had a gentleman tell me that I screwed up showing the footage to the cast before the film was complete. 

Not completing "The Groupie" was a big disappointment for the cast, crew, and people who were looking forward to seeing the film. I lost a few thousand dollars trying to make the film, but I chalked it up to the game as a paid education. 

It pains me to even look at the footage thinking of what could have been. We had a good thing going. One day I'm going to decide what to do with the footage. Maybe I'll make a documentary called "The Best Film I Never Made". It'll be a lesson on the mistakes and lessons I learned as a filmmaker.

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