"The Groupie" Film/Documentary 

The Groupie promo photoSome time around 2017 I started filming a short movie called "The Groupie". It was my first film that actually had a cast of actors. My previous filmmaking experience was a documentary called "Jean Powe "Stevens Johnson Syndrome" Survivor (see it here). Well "The Groupie" film didn't turn out as planned. Keeping it one hundred I'd have to say the film crew and I put up with a lot of tardiness, and actors wanting to take control of the production and direction of the film. Then we had some of the actors low key hating on other actors in the film. Mind you none of which were professional including myself the scriptwriter, director and executive producer.

With that said we had some great times on the set and making the film. I just wish we could have completed it and people realizing what we had as a team. Lack of patience, overly ambitious people, and outsiders wanting in on your good thing are some of the obstacles I've faced as a filmmaker. It can be very frustrating and cause stress, thus I'd like to share some of my experience with aspiring filmmakers and get my story "The Groupie" to the people. 

My film company "From Rap To Film" was this notion of me gathering up some people and sharing my plan on how we could all make a lot of money doing what we love and releasing a new film every two months. One of the key things I stressed was completing films in two months and that the first year would be our on-the-job-training. and we would learn from the mistakes we made in the previous films.

Everything started off smooth but within a few weeks some people forgot their roll and were overly empowered by me giving them opportunities to get their feet wet in other areas of filmmaking. So much in fact that they wanted me out of my own endeavor.  A similar incident would arise in another one of my filmmaking ventures called "The Dup's" (See it here). To make a long story short in the end a couple of the actresses decided they were through with the film and despite my pleads it was over.

Three years later I've decided to make lemonade out of lemons and make a documentary on filmmaking out of the film and complete the telling of the story "The Groupie".  I've attached a reading of the script "The Groupie" I read to film crew prior to filming. This ought to give you a good idea about the story and I hope you'll support the finish version of "The Groupie Documentary Film" - Steven Laws  

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