“From Rap to Film” is an upstart film production company that I (Steven Laws) founded in Palmdale, California 2017. We operate without a studio, distribution contract or a budget. Our indie films are made with monies I earn from my music, filming and photography side hustles. I run the company and the cast and crew helps out tremendously.

Our short-term goal is to build the skill set of our cast and crew by writing, rehearsing, filming, and editing short films and music videos. We are like an “on the job training film production company” at the moment. However!

Our long-term goal is to release and distribute independent films via our own streaming video on demand (SVOD) channel. These films would be available for streaming on most any device.

I’m providing an opportunity for decisive hard-working people who want to be in the film making business. My main concern is that you show up, work hard, finish what you start, and be a team player. Remember!

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” - Kevin Durant

To all of the fans, viewers, and potential customers I’m asking you to ride with us along this journey and be a part of the success story. Join our email list below and I will personally keep you up to date with our progress, events, films, etc. - Steven Laws

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