“From Rap To Film” is an upstart film production company located in Palmdale, California. We are an on the job training film production company that provides opportunities to people. We produce original films and distribute them directly from our website www.FromRapToFilm.com - See films below.

The Dup's

Coming soon... "The Dup's"

The Dup’s is an urban sci-fi series which follows the life of the rapper Tru (Tony King). The story takes place in a small town where Tru and his girlfriend Jayda live. In the midst of hard work and multitasking, Tru develops the ability to duplicate himself. Tru fails to keep his power a secret and discovers that his newfound power comes with secrets of its own. Tru finds himself in the middle of a crazy life adventure with old friends joining along the way. The Dup’s was written and directed by Steven Laws and Tristan French. The first episode of this series will be available on May 1, 2019. For more information on “The Dup’s” visit our website www.FromRapToFilm.com


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