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Vinny- D.U.M (Don't Understand Me) 

A single off the highly anticipated mixtape "Chaos Theory" (http://limelinx.com/bhpr5) , by Los Angeles native Vinny (https://twitter.com/VinnySpits). Download and support the mixtape and follow on twitter, much more material coming very soon (http://soundcloud.com/vinnythemc)

"The Groupie" Film/Documentary  

The Groupie promo photoSome time around 2017 I started filming a short movie called "The Groupie". It was my first film that actually had a cast of actors. My previous filmmaking experience was a documentary called "Jean Powe "Stevens Johnson Syndrome" Survivor (see it here). Well "The Groupie" film didn't turn out as planned. Keeping it one hundred I'd have to say the film crew and I put up with a lot of tardiness, and actors wanting to take control of the production and direction of the film. Then we had some of the actors low key hating on other actors in the film. Mind you none of which were professional including myself the scriptwriter, director and executive producer.

With that said we had some great times on the set and making the film. I just wish we could have completed it and people realizing what we had as a team. Lack of patience, overly ambitious people, and outsiders wanting in on your good thing are some of the obstacles I've faced as a filmmaker. It can be very frustrating and cause stress, thus I'd like to share some of my experience with aspiring filmmakers and get my story "The Groupie" to the people. 

My film company "From Rap To Film" was this notion of me gathering up some people and sharing my plan on how we could all make a lot of money doing what we love and releasing a new film every two months. One of the key things I stressed was completing films in two months and that the first year would be our on-the-job-training. and we would learn from the mistakes we made in the previous films.

Everything started off smooth but within a few weeks some people forgot their roll and were overly empowered by me giving them opportunities to get their feet wet in other areas of filmmaking. So much in fact that they wanted me out of my own endeavor.  A similar incident would arise in another one of my filmmaking ventures called "The Dup's" (See it here). To make a long story short in the end a couple of the actresses decided they were through with the film and despite my pleads it was over.

Three years later I've decided to make lemonade out of lemons and make a documentary on filmmaking out of the film and complete the telling of the story "The Groupie".  I've attached a reading of the script "The Groupie" I read to film crew prior to filming. This ought to give you a good idea about the story and I hope you'll support the finish version of "The Groupie Documentary Film" - Steven Laws  

OG by Imp The Great  

OG by Imp The Great is a let's toast we made through the crazy 80's rap song. We made it through the crack era, gang banging, sherm, L.A.P.D., prison, drug addiction, etc. We were young dumb and some of us made some bad decisions, some of us didn't make it (R.I.P). Well now were older and hopefully learned from our mistakes and are doing our best to ensure our kids don't have to go down those same roads. This song was written specifically about my life and the lives of the people around me growing up in South Central Los Angeles in the early 1980's. However, these circumstances, lifestyles, events, and addictions were going on in many other cities and states. So, cheers! let’s have a toast for all the OG's that made it and say a pray for all the lives that were lost during that time. - Imp The Great

The Life and Times of Steven "Imp the Great" Laws  

The Life and Times of Steven "Imp The Great" Laws pt 1. - Narrated by Steven Laws.

The Life and Times of Steven

My name is Steven Laws I was born in Harlem, N.Y. in 1963. Prior to 1975 we had moved to the Bronx I believe the address was 1067 E. 231st Bronx, N.Y. 10466 street just off of Laconia Ave. I forget name of the elementary school I attended but, I was somewhat bad in school. At lunch time I would leave the school and go to a supermarket and steal huge candy bars and Hostess Twinkie’s. I would run the school hallways playing “Ringo Coco 1, 2, 3” and I would fight a lot in school. I attribute a lot of my behavior to having an abusive stern father. He was a war vet with a metal plate in his head and he would beat everyone in the household including my mother, who had run away about a year or two earlier. At that time, you were given your report card to take home to your parents and I had received a very bad report card with thirteen “Red U’s”. The “U’s” meant unsatisfactory and the red emphasized “your child is really bad”. When I read the report card I decided I would run away because I knew my dad was going to beat me up really bad.  

One of the worst beatings I remember was when my brothers and sisters had played hooky one day and went to Central Park. While at the park we were playing in the lake trying to catch crayfish and stepped on a piece of glass which to this day remains in my foot. My foot was all bloody and brother or sister tied my sock around it to stop the bleeding, and I put my shoes back on. Somewhere along the route of heading home we saw my aunt “Dorothy” my father’s sister. She must have called and told him we were playing hooky because when we got home he beat us all. I remember this being one of the worst whippings I ever got from my father because in-between the belt buckle, and slaps he punched me in my mouth. All while the piece of glass was stabbing me in my foot. I was too scared to tell him about the glass. 

After the beating my lip had swollen up so bad that it touched my nose and I couldn’t go to school for a few days afterwards. With that in mind there was no way I was going to give him the report card. The day I got the report card I went home and told my brother I would be running away in the morning. He bet me five dollars that I wouldn’t run away. The next morning, I took my brothers long burgundy superfly coat with the fur around the collar, sleeves, and bottom, and a little matchbook thing he had that used lighter fluid. I figured this would be the compensation for the bet. Instead of going to school I hopped the train to Penn Station and snuck on the Amtrak train to Baltimore. I was going to live with my grandparents. When the conductor asked me for my train ticket I started crying and told him I couldn’t find my parents, he asked me where were we headed, and I told him the stop after Baltimore whatever that was at the time. He told me to stay seated and he was going to try and help out, however when I got to Baltimore I ran off the train and didn’t stop running until I was on the streets of Baltimore headed to my grandparents’ house.

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The Dup's 

The Dup's 

The Dup’s is an urban sci-fi series which follows the life of the rapper Tru (Tony King). The story takes place in a small town where Tru and his girlfriend Jayda live. In the midst of hard work and multitasking, Tru develops the ability to duplicate himself. Tru fails to keep his power a secret and discovers that his newfound power comes with secrets of its own. Tru finds himself in the middle of a crazy life adventure with old friends joining along the way.