“From Rap To Film” is an upstart film production company located in Palmdale, California. We are an on the job training film production company that provides opportunities to people. Our ultimate goal is to produce original films and distribute them like NetFlicks. Ride with us along our journey and be part of the success story. Join our email list below and I will personally keep you up to date with our progress, events, films, etc. - Steven Laws (Director)

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Rap music video "COMMA$" by True.


One day after rehearsals for our upcoming film "THE DUPS" we decided to shoot this music video for the rap "TRUE". We went from idea to being finished shooting in…

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What happened to the film "The Groupie".

"The Groupie" written and directed by Steven Laws is a film about a family getting revenge for a rape and horrible accident caused by a music executive and his assistant. It's also about a few rappers getting caught up…

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UK Film Review "Jean Powe Documentary"

Jean Powe Stevens Johnson Syndrome Survivor documentary film 

May 6, 2017 

UK Film Review 


Directed by Steven Laws 
Documentary Film Review by Phil Slatter 

That you may well never have heard of Stevens…

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