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Listen to the song demo's that influenced the official “Suicide Note” album.  Free for monthly membership subscribers all others should subscribe. The “Suicide Note Demo Album” is at the bottom of the “Suicide Note” album page. - Click Here or image above. 

"My Confession" vs "My Confession Demo" - Hear the "Suicide Note Demo Album" on March 10, 2023 

On Friday May 13, 2011 I released my conceptual album “SUICIDE NOTE”. I initially had demoed and recorded several songs at my home studio in Los Angeles. Two gentlemen Kage Njaka and Gemini negotiated a deal with me to reproduced my demos and record the album in Woodland Hills, California at "Steely Dans" old home. After a few weeks we had finished the album.

What happened to the original song demo's? 

I recently found the “Suicide Note” song demo's on a hard drive and decided to release them to the fans as the “SUICIDE NOTE DEMO ALBUM”. The album will be free to listen to, purchase or download for free if you're a monthly membership subscriber.

You can listen to the official “Suicide Note” album here and possibly hear the “Suicide Note Demo Album” before the scheduled release date. If you've read just click a link above and scroll down on the page to listen. - Thanks Imp

"THE DUP's" a rapper develops the ability to duplicate himself. He tries to keep it a secret but the government and his enemy is on to him. 

The Dup's - Web Series  
The Dup’s is a four part urban sci-fi web-series which follows the life of the rapper Tru (Tony King). The story takes place in a small town where Tru and his girlfriend Jayda live. In the midst of hard work and multitasking, Tru develops the ability to duplicate himself and must keep it a secret. The government is on to him and his ex-friend is suspicious. Monthly Membership Subscribers can Watch Now! and see how Tru discovers that his newfound power comes with secrets of its own as he finds himself in the middle of a crazy adventure.

Click here to become a Monthly Membership Subscriber

"SUICIDE NOTE - DEMO" Listen to album before the album - MARCH 10, 2023 

On Friday March 10, 2023 @ 12:00AM we will release the "Suicide Note The Demo Songs" album free for monthly membership subscribers.

Prior to going into the studio to record the "SUICIDE NOTE" album Imperator had written, produced and recorded demo songs for the album. Most of the demo songs were re-produced and re-recorded by "Gemini". The "SUICIDE NOTE - DEMO" that will be released are the original demo songs that Imp had written produced and recorded for the "Suicide Note" album.

"The Young Spoon" hosted by Stephanie - Learn how to cook, be safe in the kitchen, and suggest meals. 

“The Young Spoon” hosted by Stephanie is a 30-minute cooking show whereas Stephanie shows viewers how to cook a variety of meals, kitchen safety, and invites audience suggestions.  There will be three segments, one called “Word on the Eats” where the audience can leave comments on “The Young Spoon” blog as to what’s new in dining in their neck of the woods, “A Taste of Home” where the audience leaves comments as to what meal reminds them of home and Stephanie will cook it up and Delicious Bites where Stephanie makes something quick and delicious.

“The Young Spoon” is available to “From Rap to Film Monthly Membership Subscribers” only and new episodes are available on Wednesdays at 12:00 am PST at